July – A new Ven app for Android and IOS enters beta testing, features global transaction capability in a new stand-alone format, HubID integration and the first global SMS transaction system.

January – Hub Culture rolls out a new Ven/Ethereum Combined Fund


November – Ven wins the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Grand Challenge for financial inclusion, with a mandate to build new Ven related technologies to serve the global poor.

March – Ven exchange volume passes 500 million units

JanuaryPyxPay obtains Ven Authority Status


SeptemberUC Group obtains Ven Authority Status

March – Hub Culture completes world’s first acquisition of public company stake using Ven

February – Alternet Systems obtains Ven Authority status

January – Ven trading becomes available on LMAX London CFD Exchange


November – Ven trading becomes available on Kraken digital asset exchange

June – Ven featured at the 55th Biennale di Venezia | History Zero | Greek Pavilion

May – Ven launches Ripple/Ven Combined Fund

April – Ven launches Bitcoin/Ven Combined Fund

January – Hub Culture launches Ven Authorities programme for federated distribution


March – Hub Culture announces  Ven Funds, including micro-finance and commodity pools


September – Ven pricing becomes available on Thomson Reuters’ data network

February – Hub Culture launches property section with villa/chalet rentals and sales in Ven


April – Hub Culture completes first commodity and carbon credit trades priced in Ven

January – Renault Nissan first auto company to offer cars priced in Ven with Nissan Leaf


November – First contemporary art sales priced in Ven

February – Ven adopts basket structure with commodities and carbon, moves to market float


April – Ven becomes exchangeable  to any email address via Hub Culture

March – Hub Culture launches online commerce capability priced in Ven

January – Ven adopts 10:1 peg to the US Dollar, adopts reserve backing policy


November – Ven Central Reserve Board established

July  – Ven launches on the 4th of July as an application inside Facebook